Beauty Sharma Barua বিউটি শৰ্মা বৰুৱা

Beauty Sharma Barua

Beauty Sharma Barua








5 thoughts on “Beauty Sharma Barua বিউটি শৰ্মা বৰুৱা

  1. My mom used to sing these songs every single day in the kitchen while doing her household chores. Especially the song ‘Daponmoti’ is her personal favourite. Everytime I listen to these songs, I get swayed away to a completely different environment. Thanks for bringing that feeling in me ! 🙂

  2. Mah halodhi simply wonderful.Jimane ganbor suni jao, simanei aponalokoloi kritagyata ahe. Ami cottonot hostelot thakute dui tinta log holei aeibur gan goon goonai thaku.Aji akow xuni Bor bhal lagise . hats off to all of you.

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