Bishnu Rava Songs বিষ্ণু ৰাভাৰ গীত

bishnu prasad rava

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89 thoughts on “Bishnu Rava Songs বিষ্ণু ৰাভাৰ গীত

  1. মই ইয়াৰ মাজৰ পৰা শ্ৰদ্ধাৰ বিষ্ণুপ্ৰসাদ ৰাভাদেৱৰ এয়ে মোৰ শেষ গান গীতটি ডাউনলোড কৰিব খোজো | কেনেকে কৰিব পৰা যাব ? আৰু যদি নোৱাৰো, তেনেহ’লে মোক এই গীটটি পাৱনি কৰাই দিব পাৰিব নে? অনোৰোধ

  2. Today i have gone through your website and found that my name (Mrs Hasina Hazarika) is missing in the Artist column of the song i.e. “Guru Moro Shankar Toribore Kino Upai” which was recorded at HMV, Calcutta as a duet song where I sung with the legendary singer Late Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. It hurts me and therefore you are to correct it immediately in the website.
    Mrs Hasina Hazarika, Ph : 9954120342

    • We did not have the proper info regarding the female artist in this particular song. Thanks a lot for providing the info. The song info has been updated. Apology for the same.


  4. Kalaguru Devor amar srishti bur khojotone rakhi teur gunamugdhar agot apulukaor website khohayot uluai diyat apulukoloi antorik dhanyabad. Khosakoi Bishnu rabha deu axomr shresthotom byokti xokolor major ajon. Aru ami nabo projonmoi teur shristirajik xuwori teu dekhuai thoi jua baat anukhoron kori axomia jati tuk aguwai loi jua uchit.
    Let people from all over the world know there is a place in the east called Assam where tradition meet the modern world and technology, Assam and its people blessed by the likes of Kalaguru Bishnu Prasad Rabha, Rupkonwar Jyotiprasad Agarwala. Joy Ai Axom

  5. Dear Enajori,
    With all good words to express to appreciate the Herculean task that you have undertaken to upload these wonderful collection of Assamese repertoire in web; I would further like to request that – can you please also give the credentials (Name of Artistes, singers, music arrangers etc.) for each song – if possible. It would further authenticate and enhance the web material and bring due respect to all artistes involved in making of the songs.
    Sincere regards
    (Music enthusiast)

    • Thanks for your message. We are trying hard to get detailed info of songs. We dont have detailed info of many assamese songs. Please let us know if you have any info regarding Artist name, lyricist, composers etc of any song. That will be helpful for us. Regards

    • Such great songs should be made free for downloading so that the new generation can listen to them, feel their greatness and carry on to the coming generations

  6. ANIL CHANDRA BARMAN, BA (Honours in Mathematics), teacher in Mathematics. I like Rava sangeet most for these songs are very sweet and melodious, I also sing Rava sangeet, Address: Bowalguri Adarsha, po: Gakhajuwa, Morigaon, Assam, pin: 782142.

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