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  1. Hello,

    Gamosa website design is my invention back in 1998. Please be original, and come up with a new design. The US patent is under filing. Just so you know.

    Abhi Barthakur owner.

    • Dear Sir, You mean we Assamese can’t use Gamocha design in any website except you? This gamocha design (with the flower design) is original, and we did not copy it from any website. This is a scanned image of a gamocha, and we are using that as a background image. This is not a copied design from your website. admin

      • If enajori dot com requires any legal support…I am there. Gamocha cannot be registered as a copyright by anyone lock stock and barrel. Subhrajyoti Borthakur, Advocate, Supreme Court of India. MEMBER INTERNATIONAL BAR ASSOCIATION (LONDON) MEMBER ICJ (LONDON) MEMBER WCJ (WASHINGTON)

    • @Abhi Barthakur: That you have a blurred sense of patent laws is only too apparent. What I am really disappointed at (but not surprised) is your very obvious sense of jealousy at a bunch of guys who have selflessly worked towards providing such gems at no cost to us. I realise that being an assamese, that comes naturally to you. The enajori team especially its project head is just not a commercial thing, you know. This guy has tirelessly worked towards bringing a sense of cultural rejuvenation of sorts in the state. Most of our generation connects to him and would stand by them. By the way I am told your little known website also offers Assamese songs, albeit at a price. I do hope your grudge is not in anyway linked to that little fact. And just so you know, I am not in any way linked to the project.

    • Dear owner,
      Sir, I dont want to say, but you are making a joke of yourself.

      Dr. Auditya Ranjan Dutta

  2. Website design template can be copyrighted not patentable and for that matter…How can a patent be filed on something which isnt original in the first place I mean the gamosa design is a culture thing and is of the entire community not of one person’s alone? You din’t design the gamosa did you? The designs are dere for decades…so for that matter anyone can use the design of the gamosa anywhere.

  3. May I ask you if you know how to weave? Even if you know, I would ask has enajori used a scanned copy of your gamosa? Even if they had, I would like to ask have you patented the piece? As far as my knowledge, craft and folk art pieces are meant to be reproduced again and again, that is why it is called the popular culture. You might be aware of it. Don’t you?

  4. Dear Abhi Barthakur,

    I think you had an Eureka moment with something original when you assumed that you have created a new design way back in 1998. If you do not know, let me tell you this. The people of Assam have been using Gamosa from time immemorial. If you have copied, or inspired if you may, this design, then you lack imagination completely. Go, grab yourself a drink and cool yourself. Or, sulk in self introspecting whether you actually created the design or copied. By the way, I use my Gamosa, (your so called design) everyday as bathroom robe (Tiyoni), as like lakhs of us. Just thought of sharing, if you did not know it already.

    Get well soon. Grow up.


  5. An ‘Axomiya Gamosa’ is one of the apex symbol of cultural heritage and integrity of the ‘Greater Assamese fraternity’ of today. It was there for centuries and shall remain entangled with the Assamese culture & tradition for time infinite .It’s a very sad thing that such an issue have erupted from nowhere about the copyrights and patent rights about ‘the Assamese Gamosa’ adding nothing but mere rapture to the overall Assamese ideology, specifically on this age of crisis of ‘The Greater Assamese identity and sustainability’ #I think every Assamese person has the right to use /replicate /reuse /trade/manufacture native folk and heritage-wise symbolic utilities such as ‘The Great Assamese Gamosa’ by birth. #no point of arguing on such a matter.

  6. @Abhi Barthakur..Your allegation corroborates the deeply embedded pessimism in your heart. You seem to lose as a rival; anyways get some enlightenment about the gamosa fact and try to appreciate the hard work of the enajori team. It is worth appreciating someone’s toil to get inspiration and ideas to become successful.

  7. Ah Man, I found the first man who weaved our Gamocha, guess who is- he is Abhi Barthakur. Congratz Bro, what’s a way to get some free publicity and permalinks to your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dear Mr Barthakur,

    you might invented the website “Gamosa”, but not “Design of Gamosa” . This is our Gamosa , Not Your Gamosa Mr. Barthakur. Grow-up Grow-up.

    NB : Also for your information, all Bihu Functions in Assam copying your Design of Gamosa, by mistake don’t send such notice to them. You can’t imagine what will happen to you .

  9. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I solemnly request you to kindly give me the link to download all the songs of Dr. Birendra Nath Dutta included in this website. I will forever remain indebted for this help. Thank you.

  10. This is truly an inspiring work. I have spent hours listening to the old songs which I thought I would never get to hear again. My heartfelt thanks to the entire Enajori team for keeping alive these old songs.

  11. Hi,
    Thanks all the members of for the assamese songs we have searching for many years. Can anybody say about Munmi Bora, singer who gave us sweet songs like “ei nijan raati”.? Do anybody knows about her present status?

  12. Heartiest wishes and thanks to enajori team for making this “aapurugiya ” property. Enajori axomiya sanskriti r Xophura hoi porise. Wish more and more rich fullness to this site.
    One request : Can you add “Topani topani O Hero Topani ” to Kamrupiya Lokageet category….and “Maa aami Xodiyale Jame” to Khagen Mahanta …My 18th month old daughter wish to hear Topani Topani…I only know the 1st stanza….She sings only that much …

  13. Most praiseworthy job.I think the cultured and elite class of the Assamese having treasured collection of rarest Songs should extend their helping hand in this regard.

  14. আকাশবানী যোগেৰে শুনা “কাজিৰঙা কাজিৰঙা” গীতটো পোৱা যাবনে ? গায়ক গায়িকাৰ নাম মনত নাই ।

  15. জীতেন ডেকাৰ গীতবোৰ বিছাৰিলে কিয় নাহে বাৰু ? ” কিজে মিঠা লাগি আছে তোমাৰ সতে , কিজে মায়া সনা আছে তোমাৰ দেহতে , তোমাৰ দেহতে ” এই গীততো পাৰিলে দিবছোন ।

  16. This Abhi Barthakur, a 48 YO man, put 13 hours to create a Gamosa design on the a HTML webpage — basically weave it wising pixels, piece by piece, header , footer, side, flower, intersection THAT NONE OF YOU DUMB SHIT could DO IT BACK IN 1998. Go figure. Gadho !

    Abhi Barthakur
    SS# 503-23-9791
    phone # 908-369-3424

    note: btw, your design IS NOT even close to mine, so I let you go free.

    • Dear Mr. Barthakur,

      May I suggest you to please get a life.. And please would you mind your words before you throw them out of your petite mouth… Its seems, you tend to be all mouth and no trousers…

      Team enajori is doing a wonderful job.. it does not matter to the followers of this website whether your design is a better one. If you can trust .. we would not even bother on this.

      The content of this website, and the dignity they have maintained against your allegations on public forum, their silence towards you, speaks for them.

      Compassion towards your fellow contemporaries is what we would like to witness..

      Wish you good luck….

  17. Can we have the following gems in
    1. Kon nirjan paarat bohisila: Parveen Sultana
    2. Mon mor uri jai meghalir pare pare: Lakshaheera Das from Lachit Borphukan film
    3. Sumalar jiekak chaon buli somaloo sonapurat kihobar jui: Khagen Mahanta
    4. Sonare gorhalo shusarua kharu borloke pitolor bole: Khogen Mahanta

  18. সবিতা চৌধুৰী,শিৱাণী দত্ত অাৰতিি মুখাজী্ৰ গীত বোৰ দিব নোৱাৰিনে?পুৰণি অসমীয়া পেৰডি গীতবোৰ ?

  19. hello how are you. I want some songs. first songs was porbotor jiyari nijora oi, second was o homonia kun kun kote ari, third songs was aji modhunikha madhobi kirone,and ford songs was bhoiamoloi najabi toi.
    thanking you

  20. এড্মিন দা, মোর লগতে আরু কেইজনমানে এটি গীতর আপলোড পাবলৈ অধীর আগ্রহেরে অনুরোধ জনালো, গীতটি : জোনাক নাছিল বনত, জোনাক নাছিল মনত, তরাই তরাই কথা পাতিছিল মনত গহন কোনত……-পাপরি দাস

  21. Hi admin,
    Some extraordinary work done by you there. Kudos to the whole team. i have a collection of OLD assamese movie songs. Would love to share with you guys if it means anything to you. 🙂

  22. Dear Sir(s),
    It’s a goog initiative. Thanks to you all. If possible, Pl. incorporate duets of Ms. Shanta Hazarika and Mr. Dilip Das. e. g. ‘Tumi mor baabei jen Sharodiya Purnima nishar Jon – – -‘ and ‘Ekhani Paanchoit uti jaon aahana toriloi Shukula paal – – -‘.
    I shall be very grateful.
    With regards,
    Anjan Kr. Baruah.

  23. Soooo Many Thanks To The Admin and Collector of These Songs…
    Really Appreciate Your Works…
    Able To Hear Some Memorable and Awesome Songs, Which I Used To Hear Through “Dibrugarh Radio Center” In My Childhood..
    Am 24 Years Old. Hope This Is Helping Our Generation Who Really Loves Music Without Any Discrimination of Sound Quality and Instruments.
    Thanks A Lot….

  24. a great great repertory archive of old Assamese music. If possible, can you mention the year of recording of the songs? I kindly request you if that is possible to mention. thank you

  25. sandhiyar akash t ahali tora aru sar pam pam moi… jayanta hazarikar geet 2ti lagisil… sar pam moi geet2 ase kin2 quality beya

  26. What about Hasina Hazarika ? In Giti malika long back I used to hear lot many songs.Like 1) Aei hahi bhal lage ,kiyo janu Bhal lage.Aei hahi kar babe kowa mok toomi 2) Majot aekhon nodi ,Mayar xagar. Eepare saponot ,eepare dithakot,kope duti pran. etc many song are there. if possible, please upload.

  27. Congratulations Enajori Team. I am with you for any legal support. I am a lawyer cum musician. Thanks for Ma’s Songs being included. (Smt. Anima Barthakur).
    Subhrajyoti Borthakur
    Advocate Supreme Court
    New Delhi 11001


  29. Hello,
    Will you plz tell this 14 year old teen how to download these oldies on an Android smartphone. I simply love them. A gargantuan thanks to the XurorEnajori team for reviving these melodies.

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