Dipali Borthakur দিপালী বৰঠাকুৰ

Dipali Borthakur

Dipali Borthakur (Photo: Utpal Datta)

Visit website of Dipali Barthakur at http://www.dipalibarthakur.info

15 thoughts on “Dipali Borthakur দিপালী বৰঠাকুৰ

  1. My mother loves songs and she had many of them but unfortunately she lost all the songs.Now i am trying to download the songs which she lost and this website has done a great service to me.I have found most of the songs thanks to you!

  2. The smell of our own earth, the innocence, the chastity of our women,their beauty without being manicured and simplicity can be felt in every lyric and voice of her songs. Every axomia will will always be haunted. May God bless her with love, health, happiness and all she needs from Him.

  3. So beautiful .reminds you of all the yester years . I was born in Shillong & all those memories keep flooding back ..Except that things do not remain the same.Ma,Deuta,uncles every body is gone. Only these songs carry you back to those golden years .God bless you.

  4. dipali barthakurar athengia bagali hoi nase ganto ase .kenekoi diba pari? sonowali butabasa asomia pat buli gan atao asile seto plao upload kariboson

  5. There is a big mistake here. “Koto borosha koto basanta” is not by Dipali Bortahkur, it is from Parveen Sultana. You can even easily make out from the voice. Please make the correction immediately. This kind of a mistake is not acceptable in a quite responsible website.

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