Jayanta Hazarika জয়ন্ত হাজৰিকা

Jayanta Hazarika

Jayanta Hazarika

Player I

Player II

30 thoughts on “Jayanta Hazarika জয়ন্ত হাজৰিকা

  1. I must say great collection! Some of the no.s I heard after a long time – in fact never except all India radio. Thank you for all your efforts to bring those all to us.

  2. Great works. Please keep it up. The sources of these great lyrics are also mentioned, which is desirable. Please check the uploaded song “Tomosha O’Nibir”, which appears to be sung by someone else (I guess- by Shri Samar Hazarika) in this one. If available, the original may also be uploaded. Thanks.

  3. That’s it!! There are no more songs of Ranada are available, out of 121( Approx), This is in fact the largest collection of Ranada’s songs as far as I know, and a few songs like Mayamoi Rupali Jonak are recovered by Himjyoti only..

  4. Great collection, yet many more to get added. I must say perveen sultana- one of the finest voices in India…with a good hold on Indian classical. Folks & Bihus could have been added.

  5. so wonderful.while in college ,we had very fine singer in the hostel,whose voice was was almost like jayanta hazarika.We knew that he was invited by Jayanta Hazarika for further guidance.but before that could happen ,he passed away.We felt so sad & even now not able get over the shock.Please keep it up.Such an immortal voice.Sometimes feel,he was more talented than his elder brother.

  6. Mur oti prio silpi jayanta da..yat gan bilak pai khub bhal lagise.tekhete gai jua ratna ujha debe likha ai ghor ari ai dhora ari puroni ghoroloi jau ghuri gantu lagisil..

  7. Bahut din agar kotha.poriboloi paicilu ek Silpir Prithibit bola magazinot.It was in Berlin in a youth festival,for which both the Hazarika brothers had gone for participation.Jayanta Hazarika was looking for a Harmonium.This was a rare instrument there. luckily in one shop they came across one.To test the quality ,Jayanta da started playing the harmonium. He was only testing it, but the way he was playing,everyone inside was spellbound. People started gathering outside the shop & the entire area was full of onlookers listening his playing the harmonium.Such a talented person he was .We are very unlucky that he died so young ! It is nearly forty years since he passed away.

  8. mur atikoi priya kantha shilpi jayanta Hazarika r Jodi Aaru korobat geet lukai ase, nishay ei enajarir jogedi sunibaloi pam buli ashabadi

  9. jayanta hazarikar kisuman gan samar hazarikau gaise. kintu nimile.nobody can match jayanta hazarika. unique voice.bhabile bor acharit lage. jayant da dai,nai nirmalprova,nai bhupenda. tathapiyu jai ache amar majat.

  10. Great initiative and great work indeed! At lease these songs are now preserved for ever for our upcoming generations.
    Whatever songs people are reporting as missing here, people should know that those are not added here because those were probably not found, or there might be any copyright restrictions. If somebody finds any old song in some old records somewhere, which are not present here, then they may digitise those songs and send to the admin of this site to add. (Am I right admin?) (Of course provided there is no copyright restrictions.) That way we can keep enhancing this fantastic repository of Assamese songs.
    Thanks a lot again for this nice work.

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