Jyotish Bhattacharjee জ্যোতিষ ভট্টাচাৰ্য

Jyotish Bhattacharjee

Jyotish Bhattacharjee (13th September 1937 – 23rd September 1991)








11 thoughts on “Jyotish Bhattacharjee জ্যোতিষ ভট্টাচাৰ্য

  1. It was a great job no doubt at all,I simply flew away to my childhood to enjoy these pieces,however KONE AJI and JODI AKASH KHONI are the two pieces in my lips,thanks for uploading all.

  2. The song Moi Eti Dinor Jonaki so melodious and meaningful and touches the heart of every assamese people. Those days are gone. Where we are now ??? Thanks enajori.

  3. Absolutely a fantastic and an extensive effort which needs to be applauded to the hilt. If someone asks about Assamese music…..Xuror Enajori is the answer. Hats off to the endeavour!

  4. Timeless melodies,so melodious voice.Reminds me of my childhood days.most of the songs were played in Gitimalika.After so many years now able to hear the voice again.its really nice effort.keep it up.

  5. Extraordinary voice. So soft so mellifluous voice. He carved a place for himself, despite the presence of jayanta hazarika, Bhupen Hazarika. Khagen Mahanta etc. We grew up in shillong, the then capital of undivided Assam. Used attend public functions wherein all those stalwarts used the platform for showcasing their talents. But never had the fortune to attend Bhattcharjees programmes. He is probably from Dibrugarh. The sophistication shows. Listening the songs in Mumbai is really a wonderful experience. Long live xuror enajori

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