Lakshyahira Das লক্ষ্যহীৰা দাস

5 thoughts on “Lakshyahira Das লক্ষ্যহীৰা দাস

  1. I am not getting old songs Lakhshya Hira Das. Could you please how and where I can download them. Audio CDs are just not available. Regards, K.P.Chaliha

  2. How can I get “Jhinchak Jhinchak Bojali Korpora Anili O’ Kokaideo,Eito Bilati Tokari”?I like this song of Dr.L.H.Das very much..

  3. Can you find the song from Lachit Borphukan movie ” Tomak bichari jonowali raati jonar rupake lekhi by Lakshyahira Das?

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