Sabita Choudhury সবিতা চৌধুৰী

3 thoughts on “Sabita Choudhury সবিতা চৌধুৰী

  1. Thanks a million times again.All these songs came in Geeti Malika.Wherefrom could you collect these gems? Hats off to you & your team. It is really a wonderful effort.I never thought that I will be able to hear these songs again.May god give you all the more strength & zeal for carrying out your job !

  2. Could not help writing to you again.All these heavenly songs I heard in radio being played in Geetimalika from Gauhati anatar Kendra.I was in class II or I. was in Bishnupur Shillong. Off & on these songs were streaming in the air ,Shilong that time was so beautiful.That time Dr Bhupen Hazarika, Khagen Mahanta,Jayanta Hazarika ,Dost Habibur Rahman used to come down very regularly.Everytime I hear these songs,my heart fills in with a different kind of longing I cannot express.My parents,uncle are all gone.I do not know where my childhood friends are.No photographs.Only these songs remained with me ,through your grace.Today Saturday .whole Evening for 5/6 hours I am listening to these songs in your collection.Your mind ,heart never gets satiated.The more I listen,the more I yearn for listening again.All my yesterdays simple refuses to fade away ………….

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