Tulika Senapoti তুলিকা সেনাপতি

3 thoughts on “Tulika Senapoti তুলিকা সেনাপতি

  1. Very beautiful song. This is the expression of real feelings of an Woman after marriage.

    Sankar Haloi, Cotton College.

  2. I used to hear almost regularly in Akashvani Guwahati.That time Anatar was the medium of listening songs.It was in Shillong .That time it was the Capital of undivided Assam.We had a chance to attend to programmes of some of legends in Bihutoli in Garisson Ground, like Dr Bhupen Hazarika,Dost Habibur Rahman,Khagen Mahanta,Archana Das etc. Jayantada Started his public performance there in one such Bihutoli function,with a small introduction from Bhupenda.Indra Bania was also there.Therein together they sang chitralekha chitralekha ,Autoriksha Chalao ami duyu Bhai……….

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