Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta খগেন মহন্ত আৰু অৰ্চনা মহন্ত

Playlist I

Playlist II

53 thoughts on “Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta খগেন মহন্ত আৰু অৰ্চনা মহন্ত

  1. Ei prosestak mur falor pora huvokamona jasilu… ”Maa..ami hodiale jaam e” aru ”Paaro sorai uri gol..pale nodir paar” geet duti hunibole paam buli akha rakhilu….

  2. bahudinar murat eti geet apunar xuva prasester babe xunibaloi palu. maaye bisari achil jua kebabasardhari………Gamosare anchalate padumare choka….- dhainnabad!-

  3. Heartiest Thanks to you for this great effort!!! Great pleasure to listen to those old songs..we are proud of it!!!!

  4. Dear Admin,
    Thank you so much for your effort and congratulations…Can you please upload ”Paror pakhi gathi dilu”….I am searching the original version by Khagen Mahanta for a log time…keep up the good work.. best wishes

  5. Khagen Mahanta & Archana Mahanta are great singer ever.
    I am searching several time for one kamrupi lokgeet album, Name PORAG song by Khagen Mahanta, Archana Mahanta & Sandhya Menon. But I did not found. I found only one song from that album which originally song by Archana Mahanta. Youtube link are given below. I miss it very much. Please share thous song If any one have.

  6. Duniya amar mastana geeti play howa nai. jodi geet t diye bar ananda pam….ai geetit Mor Dewota Lt. Kshirada Kt. Bishaya Ovinoy korisile…

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